9 Amazing And Unique Jam Recipes

9 Amazing & Unique DIY Jam Canning Recipes;
Everyone loves homemade jam and it's the perfect way to spend the weekend, making and canning new jams.
I have found some wonderfully unique jam spread recipes that you will want to give a try.
These are absolutely yummy and perfect to impress guests and family with.
Carrot Cake Jam Via WickedGoodKitchen - Here

Spicy Orange Fig Microwave Jam Via SimplyRecipes - Here

Jalapeno Strawberry Jam Via AllRecipes - Here

Strawberry Vanilla Chai Jam Via Instructables - Here

Vanilla Peach Jam Via SarahsJoy - Here

Peach Jalapeno Jam Via RecipesFoodAndCooking - Here

Pear Vanilla Jam Via FlourOnMyFace - Here